Chao Phraya Express Boat Co., Ltd. (CPEX) was established by Khunying Supatra Singhulaka in September 1971. A concession right was granted to us to provide river transportation service to passengers by the Harbor Department.

Throughout the years of dedication, We continue to provide quality services by improving routes, safety and operation standard to better serve the general public, and in accordance to the Thai Government’s policy.

Currently our operation spans between Nonthaburi and Ratburana, covering a distance of 21 km. Our total fleet size of 65 boats comprises of 15 super size boats, which were granted the Boar of Invest (BOI) privileges and 50 regular size boats. On average each boat has carrying capacity of 200 people.

With a vision to achieve the highest standards in river transportation operation and safety, CPEX continues to lead, with current operation accommodating approximately 35,000 to 40,000 passengers each day or 13.5 millions passengers per year and our landing covers 38 piers.