In 1884, the reign of King Rama V, Siam and the whole continent was being threatened by great European empire.

Siam must be modernized for survival of the kingdom. In that time on the land by the river of the king with the alliance between kingdom of Siam and Denmark, Port of East Asiatic was established and it became the gateway of country’s International trade the channel of country’s modernization and the key to country’s independence. East Asiatic Port, 2010. In 2012, The Siam old glory will be reborn.

This pier signaled the beginning of international trade between the Kingdom of Siam and European nations and was the key to Siam maintaining the sovereignty and independence it enjoys to this day.

Today, that same area which the East Asiatic pier occupies is being restored to its original glory under the name “ASIATIQUE The Riverfront”,
the first and the largest night-lifestyle venue riverfront in Asia located on the Chao Phraya River.